By Darshita, Master Designer & Stylist at Bambou Salon & Spa in Downtown Overland Park

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal (over 5,000 years old!) that originated in Persia but is continued today in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China and many other countries – including the United States. Darshita Patel at our Bambou Salon & Spa in Downtown Overland Park has been performing threading services for over 20 years and quite rightfully calls herself one of the few ‘experts’ to perform her skill locally.

Isn’t Threading Painful?

We recently asked, what is the number one impression of threading that she wants to share with her guests.  Her response was quick; “I think too many people worry that it might hurt, but I promise you – it’s painless!”

Darshita continued, “many of my first-time guests think that it will hurt, but that’s not true. If it’s your first time, it might tickle a little or it might be a small sensation, but threading is the gentlest form of removing hair – especially compared to waxing or plucking”.

Is it Expensive?

Threading is also more affordable and a quicker service. A simple eyebrow takes no more than 6 minutes and costs just $20.00. Darshita jokes, “I can do a threading in the time it takes you to send a couple of text messages.” In addition to being less painful, it also provides you with more definition and cleaner eyebrows.

Darshita also offers threading for other commonly tiresome areas where there is unwanted hair. “Many of my guests enjoy a quick and painless way to address their lips, cheeks, unibrows, and sideburns. Some of my ladies even ask for a full-face threading. Can you imagine trying to address all of those sensitive areas with hot wax?”

How does Threading work?

There are good reasons why threading is a preferred beauty process. Unlike waxing, threading simply removes every single hair directly from the root. As an experienced threader, Darshita has so much control over the process, leaving you with a highly defined line with the precise shape that maximizes the beauty of your eyes. Waxing also leaves residue on your skin that can be a contaminate and needs to be completely removed before you take a step outside of the salon.

When is it a Good Option?

If you’re tired of mid-waxing, plucking, or waxing at home or in the salon, you will love that your threading lasts for an average of two to four weeks. No more checking the mirror worrying that a few stray hairs are coming back. No wondering why you’re losing that sharp shape of your new brows! With threading, the hair grows back evenly, and when it’s time to come back, Darshita can quickly get to work and shape you back to perfection.

Threading is also recommended when waxing isn’t an option. For ladies with sensitive skin, acne, threading offers an attractive alternative. It is also highly recommended for anyone who has chemical peels, Botox or Rosacea prone skin. During the process, you will also enjoy knowing that there is no use of chemicals, dyes, fragrances or preservatives. This is one of the most hygienic procedures in any salon and spa.

What About the Guys?

Finally, Darshita talks about how many men request threading: “Men like their eyebrows to be masculine and full. They don’t want those big bushy uneven lines – they want definition and clean lines and that’s just as easy, and just as painless as it is for my ladies!”

Many men avoid eyebrow waxing because they are terrified it might look like a girl’s brow. Waxing can accidently take out more of their eyebrows making it look feminine. Men like eyebrows to be masculine, and full. In this case threading might be perfect solution because it can take out single line or a single hair precisely.

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