By Debbie, Master Designer & Stylist at Bambou Salon & Spa at Antioch & College in Overland Park

What is a texture service?

If you step back in time you’ll remember when your mom or grandmother used to stop in the salon for the dreaded stinky permanent wave. If you’re like me, you may also remember the Toni’s and Lilt’s that my sister and I used to suffer through at the hands of our mother – made more dreadful when she would pin curl our permed hair to make it last longer. So cute, right?!

While the perm is still used and relevant today, many of our guests want a softer, looser, natural looking curl. Back in the day, that used to take a couple of months from a tighter perm to grow out. But not anymore! With texturing, you can have straight hair one day and then the next decide you’d like a little wave or movement for your upcoming vacation or through the end of the Summer.

Texturing is a technique that provides movement, wave, or even curl to your hair. We know what you are thinking, and yes, technically, texturing is the same thing as a perm. But it is not your grandma’s perm and there are no Toni’s, Lilt’s, or pin curls. Texturing also provides style options from soft wavy tendrils to tight curls, and by adding just a little body helping a blow dried style hold its shape longer.

What types of hair are best suited for texturing?

If you think of hair as a fabric or textile, this might make more sense. Imagine fine hair as silk and thick hair as wool. One reason for selecting a texture service would be to help fine silk like hair feel thicker and more like wool. Regardless of silk or wool, texturing can add body, wave, curl, lift, or just the right amount of oomph to give it that just got out of bed messy look.

A great example is the beach wave look on longer hair, which is achieved through a specialty wrap technique called spiraling. Maybe someone wants less curl at the scalp and more on the ends. This is called piggy backing and is achieved by using a large perm rod at the base of the hair then a smaller rod on the ends.

Texturing at Bambou Salons & Spas

At Bambou we have several stylists that have been extensively trained in texturing techniques and love creating that natural looking curl for our guests hair! But texturing isn’t necessarily for everyone. High lift colors, heavily highlighted hair, or damaged hair are probably not going to be good candidates for a texture service. If you’re not sure, we offer completely free consultations with personalized recommendations for your hair.

Today our guests have so many options for their hair, and texturing services are moving up to the top of the list! Ask your friends and check out what other stylists are saying, you’ll see what we mean. Schedule your free consultation at Bambou and we hope to see you soon!

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