FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Kansas City, Missouri, May 21st, 2019

Bambou Salons & Spas is excited to announce that it will soon release a proprietary line of luxury bath & body products and candles under the new brand of Bambou Private Label. All Bambou Private Label products will be hand-mixed with custom fragrances, adhere to the company’s cruelty free pledge, and available exclusively through Bambou Salons & Spas.

“This is a natural next step for us as a company,” says Sean Barnard, owner of Bambou Salons & Spas, “we have positioned ourselves as beauty and wellness experts, but what we want to create is a full lifestyle experience.” The bath & body products will include bath salts, bubble bath, body mist, body wash, and hand lotion. In addition, the Bambou Private Label will include room mist, hand soap, and soy votive candles.

“This was also a full team effort,” continues Barnard, “we included many of our stylists, aestheticians, and nail technicians to help us evaluate products, fragrances, and even the branding.” He believes that Bambou customers will love the new fragrances and appreciate the quality of the products. “We knew we had to get this right,” Barnard says, “these products have been designed exclusively for us and to our standards.”

The Bambou Private Label will be available June 4th at all Bambou Salon & Spa locations. Bath & body products retail at $24.95, room mist and hand soap will be offered at $14.95, and votive candles will be sold for $7.95. All products will be available in Classic and Noir fragrances, and candles will be available in additional Cloud 9, Fresh, and Egyptian Linen fragrances. There will also be seasonal offerings in Holiday and Black Currant fragrances.

Bambou Private Label effectively replaces the Farmhouse Fresh Goods product line, previously available at all three locations. Bambou Private Label products will qualify for 10% off when guests purchase two or more products. All other products, including KEVIN.MURPHY, KEUNE, and ColorProof will continue to be used for services and offered as retail products.

“We are so proud of our new Bambou Private Label,” Barnard finishes, “we can’t wait for our guests to smell the new fragrances and try the products!”

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