Bambou Salon in Blue Springs is proud and pleased to announce the promotion of Ashton Hammond to Senior Designer & Stylist. Schedule your next appointment with our newest Senior Designer & Stylist Professional today! Click Here to Learn more about Ashton.

Bambou Salon in Blue Springs is pleased and proud to recognize the promotion of our own Ashton Hammond to Senior Designer & Stylist Professional!

Ashton is a Blue Springs native and has been a stylist since 2012. She has been with our salon since 2015, first as Queen Bee and now as Bambou Salon. Ashton has been and continues to be an important leader in our Blue Springs location, but it is her unique combination of creativity, talent, and a commitment to guest service that makes her stand out as a truly gifted stylist.

We know we’re not the only ones that think so, and if you are one of Ashton’s guests then you know what we mean! Click Here to learn more about Ashton, including a short video from Ashton herself!

We are so grateful to have Ashton as part of the Bambou family and we look forward to watching her continue to grow and develop her craft. We are proud to offer this promotion and recognize her hard work. Congratulations Ashton, and Thank You! 

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